Hey there!

It took me a lot of work before I published my first post. And the motivation behind it is my love for sharing, writing and of course success. And if you are ready to take your first step. Then I am here to help you.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

There are basically two types of bloggers. Some bloggers write about one single topic. And the other one is those who write about their lifestyle Or anything they find fun. That is a personal or lifestyle blog.

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In the upcoming time, you will get to know about different things. If you are willing to go on a journey with me. Stay connected.

Who I Am?

Hi there, I am from India. I graduated in 2017 and currently involved in development. I have knowledge of Android, React and React Native.

I seek to learn new things and I am learning in the process of sharing.

Is Blogging good or not?

Blogging needs time and in the past year 2018-19. I was busy learning new technologies to start working. Because you need some sort of work. It’s not like you started a blog and you will go big and earn from day one. Yes, you can provide content regularly. But providing content and providing Value are two different things. To provide valuable content you need research.

It’s not that I am telling you that it’s a bad thing. But I am telling you. Never start blogging with first focus on the instant or early income. You can start it as a hobby and make it a habit.